who is the best gas and electric supplier:

Electric supply

There are many Gas and Electric meter companies, which utility company since the deregulation has the best value, for prepaid gas. Electric meters, a lot of customers are paying far too much for their services, as we all know British Gas, is the company we all know, that has been around for as long as we know, but are they the cheapest or best the value? So which companies offer the best prices as far as prepaid Gas and Electric meters are concerned. My name is Howard, and for years I have been using British Gas at my place of residence; when prices were reasonably reasonable, this was the time just before and a little after the deregulation. I was using a prepaid metre at the time but did notice that prices were going up gradually. A little more on prices on another page.
A prepayment energy metering system uses information through a smart card. Secure energy line carrier communications provide consumer locations communication between a customer terminal and the utility meter. A 2-way system gives details through a memory card, which includes information from the utility service provider to the customer’s terminal and conveys information from the customer’s meter back to the utility. Back office software interfaces between the POS terminals and customer service centres.

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