what’s the best exercise for over 50s:

We can roughly divide older gym-goers into three categories,

1: Those that keep going continually;

2: Those who have taken a break Every now and then;

3: And those that have just joined a gym for the first time.

We asked a 55-year-old man and in the shape of his life, and ask him some burning questions.

What keeps you going to the gym continually?

what do you still hope to achieve?

Is there any form of exercise that you did in your young days that you don’t do now?


The One That Never Stopped

So you’ve been in the gym most of your adult life. You’re extremely fit, and you still train like you’re in your twenties. But sooner or later, your body is going to give you signals. How do you manage your training to ensure you stay as fit as ever? Without burning yourself out, or causing yourself an injury that may make you have to quit the gym for good.  click here





3 thoughts on “what’s the best exercise for over 50s:

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  1. Well depend if your new to the gym, or you are a regular?
    I would moderate cardio exercise .
    1. Treadmill: start off slow to warm up say 2 minutes, and them every minutes speed it up for say 15 -20 sec, and the slow down again, repeat it until ten min.
    2, weight: Curls, bench press, lateral pull to the chest, I will always start light, and the exercise where you are comfortable, and increase it as time goes on, both in reps and weight

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