Gym for Men

Why are men going to the Gym?

My names Howard and for 40 years I have been going to the gyms. You went to a gym those days, you will be lucky if five guys were in there, and if there was anyone in there with you, it was a friendly environment, it was so relaxing you did not have to worry if someone would use equipment that you wanted to use, sorry I wish those days were back.

Today a different environment in the gym’s these days, so busy some days, you have to queue to use the equipment, and at time’s I’ve heard guys get into fights, due to being impatient with waiting to use special equipment.
So I ask myself, why are so many going to the gym these days? Why are gyms so packed? You can’t even move in there, not joking; you may have noticed it yourself.
Well, one reason that has brought a lot to the gyms is advertising. We are talking about the early 90s mid-90s. Another thing has changed there are now personal trainers in the gyms; 40 years ago, they were unheard of,
not sure when really when they came in, but it certainly changes the atmosphere in gyms. A lot more females were also starting to use the gym really of all ages. Again this all kicked off from the mid-90s,
Some gyms now have also become a bit of a social club; one gym I went to provide a night out in a night clubs and other events, maybe to attract more gym-goers, I’m not sure, nothing wrong with that at all. I think. Another thing had changed; I remember my first monthly direct debit was taken from my bank, around 1993 or maybe 1994, whereas previously it was just cash and entry, possibly from that time onwards, the gym was starting to get busy. Sad to say, the enjoyment for myself was starting to fade a bit far as I was concerned, well I suppose that most people were beginning to keep themselves fit, which in itself is a good thing, but for me was not enjoying it changing rooms were busy, showers, as well as saunas, OK met some friendly people in there, but still the enjoyment was fading.
The thing I mainly concentrated on was cardio; the treadmill is my first start, 45 minutes to an hour; what I tend to do was vary the speed, start at say, 4.0, then every minute or two increase it by 0.5 up till Maybe 12.0 or 15.0 depending on how I feel that day, then 20 minutes on what was called thigh master/ then that was my warm-up. Then I move on to the weights; Abs be the first thing, 100 reps minimum using a low weight. Then chest, do maybe ten sets of 5.

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