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Looking for the best energy price for the right supplier can seem daunting and possibly be hard work. Then eventually, you probably come across another that might be cheaper than the one you just joined. It can seem like a bit of a game.
As always, energy prices sometimes go up, and there’s nothing we can do about it, which is often an excellent time to look for a better deal for your needs. Big suppliers, mainly known for frequently hiking their prices, can make that great deal you got last year no longer the best ones out there.
Looking for a cheaper gas and Electric supplier is all about finding the right price. New energy deals, new offers and even new suppliers pop up regularly, so when it’s time to switch, running a price comparison is the best way to find out who the cheapest supplier is.
You can compare cheap energy deals in your area here, or read on for more information on finding the most affordable energy tariffs.
Who are the UK’s energy suppliers?
We’ve probably all heard of the ‘big six’ energy companies. These are the traditional suppliers who used to be the only choices for us, namely British Gas, Npower, Eon, SSE, Scottish Power and EDF Energy. However, since we could only get our Gas only with British Gas or electricity from the electricity board, both covered the entire country and opened up the market to competition almost three decades ago. Many smaller suppliers have appeared, offering consumers more choice for their cheap energy deals. At any one time, there can be as many as 60 small energy suppliers operating in the UK.
Some firms pop up and then disappear; others work well for a time but then end up going bust. The majority, however, have proven their worth by staying the duration and providing excellent customer service.
Small suppliers sometimes specialise in particular energy needs. And for example, EBICo and Good Energy focus on green energy tariffs. Other offer both Gas and electricity, some other companies supply one fuel or something else.

The Benefit of Gas and Electric Smart Meters

The benefits of gas and electric smart meters are well known now. These appliances have been developed for the betterment of the society and make people’s life easier by displaying the usage details in an easy to read format and most importantly, in real time. In recent years, these appliances have gained more popularity and demand and a lot of people have started opting for them.

With this gas and electric smart meters, the company is able to derive accurate data about the usage patterns of the consumers. The data is then fed into the computer system of the company, which in turn uses this information to create reports and to make necessary decisions for the betterment of the company. In addition, gas and electric smart meters can also be connected to a cash management system to display the trends in the cash flow. This makes it easier for the management to understand the current trend of the business and to take corrective measures that will affect their finances. In fact, there are many companies that are using smart meters to improve the overall efficiency of the business. However, before you start using smart meters you must consult a gas and electric meter consultant who in the best way is able to understand your requirements and give you an idea as to whether you actually require these appliances or not.

The other advantage of smart meters is that they provide complete information about the usage and about the retail gas and electricity bills that you receive on a monthly basis. You get to see how much electricity and gas have been consumed over a period of one month and this makes it easier for you to understand if you are consuming less than you should be or not. Moreover, a smart meter shows you how efficient your fuel consumption is. If you consume a high amount of electricity but the number of gas flushes that you use is less than 3 per month, then you should take steps to reduce the consumption. In fact, smart meters help you save a lot of money and also ensure that the environment is not damaged in any way.


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